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Dike 9 Water Control Structure

* This water control structure is directly across the road from affected property. Elevating the water floods that property and degrades drinking water

* Elevating the water in this structure two feet results in an ADDITIONAL 10ppm of iron in well water.  Iron drops along with the flowage water elevation.  This can be recreated over and over again.

* Look at the iron and tannins staining in the structure...this is what residents in this area have for drinking water.  The WDNR Water Program conducted a study in 2014-15... that study determined that groundwater is seriously impacted by the WDNR's water management.

* The study shows that iron is increased by as much as 18 times the natural amount in groundwater. The natural iron amount is wonder why our drinking water has been as high as 32ppm.  A water softener can only remove between 10-15ppm.

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