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How the WDNR causes and can prevent groundwater flooding.

* The WDNR has held water as high as 937.8 in Dike 6 Flowage...we are proposing 931 be the maximum elevation.  The natural groundwater elevation at Dike 6 Flowage is about 925. 

* When flowages are raised up or down...the ground water table moves up & down with the flowages at a downward gradient of 5-7 feet per proven by the 2019 USGS/WDNR joint study.  Here's a link to the groundwater gradients worksheet which provides more information.

* The soil elevation lowers at a rate of 9 feet per mile, the groundwater elevation is flatter at 5-7 feet per mile ...that's why residents are flooded.  If the soil elevations raised or stayed level with the flooding would happen.  However, water quality would still be affected.

* The department has acknowledged that it must respect our property rights...but has taken the position that the flowage waters are not connected to the groundwater table.  This is not accurate.  The recent study data agrees with the residents.  The GLGP Water Project placed test wells and requested the department to monitor groundwater levels in conjunction with raising and lowering water in flowages...the department won't.  The department already knows the truth!

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