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Calculated groundwater gradients using USGS test well data.

 These gradients prove the flooding and water damage that residents have been reporting for decades.

 These numbers alone prove important additional note is that the water levels were still dropping in most USGS test wells when the flowages were abruptly raised again. What does this mean? The gradients would most likely have been an even lower number...which means an even greater degree of flooding.

 To help understand the gradient sheet...the first column is the water elevation difference between Well#1(Dike 6 Flowage) and each test well location.  To find the gradient...water elevation difference between wells(feet), then divide by distance(miles). That's the gradient.

 So...if this is the proven gradient, what's the disagreement?  The USGS & WDNR say the water in flowages are not connected to the groundwater table. This is not accurate.

 Residents have installed and provided access to test wells...and requested the WDNR to log the groundwater in the wells before raising water in flowages to log any changes...they refused to do this.

 Residents have a test well network and have logged changes in those wells. Every time the WDNR raises or lowers flowages...the groundwater table changes along with the flowages, up or down.

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