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The GLGP Water Project started out as a group of residents west of the Crex Meadows Wildlife Area experiencing flooding in the spring of 2018


Over the past five years the issue developed into a group being created  called the GLGP Water Project.  We are now heavily involved in the planning process of the Glacial Lake Grantsburg Properties "Master Plan" with respect to water elevations within Crex Meadows, Fish Lake, and Amsterdam Sloughs Wildlife Areas.


The WDNR has shown us that it isn't concerned about our drinking water quality nor the groundwater flooding caused by their water management.

We've conducted two private water studies, the USGS and WDNR teamed up to conduct three separate water studies.  The data collected in all five studies indicates that when raising the flowage water elevations artificially... the groundwater table also rises, causing degraded drinking water and groundwater flooding.

We are focused on water management currently.  When the water  issue is solved, we will look at all areas of management within the GLGP.

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