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The DNR plans to flood us again!

September 2023-The WDNR is hanging tough.  They've announced that they plan to raise the water close to the borders of Crex.  A technical meeting was held with the Department, clear data was presented and a field demonstration clearly demonstrated groundwater flooding. The DNR team that attended the technical meeting DID NOT present to the NRB the information we provided during it's August meeting.  We'll be speaking during the September NRB Meeting, be sure to tune in.  Here's a link to the NRB's YouTube Channel 

Residents love the Crex and look forward to the water elevations being raised in flowages that have a minimal impact on our property and drinking water.  We ask the Department to manage water more responsibly and to be a good we are.


This issue is 70 Years old...we don't expect that the DNR is just going to role over.

Want to see more about this groundwater flooding and water quality Issue?

Click this Link.

Dike 6 Flowage
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